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Loud Speakers

Behringer EUROLIVE VP2520 500w 2x15" driver, Passive. Connections are Speak-on and TRS(6mm jack)

Large speaker goes very loud and due to being a quasi 3way for more events a sub woofer is not needed.

$50 $150
JBL Concord,3-way 1500w Rms,(100w rms HF, 600w rms MF and 800w rms LF) Contains Dual 15" sub woofers, dual 12" midrange and a 16" horn

For larger events look no further then these speakers.
Please not that because these speakers are 3-way they do require 3 separate amplifiers and a external crossover

$250 $750
Turbosound Milan M15, 450w , 15" Self Powered
Built in 2 channell mixer can accept microphone pluged directly in.
Inputs can be xlr or TRS (6mm jack)

Great all rounder, can be used as front of house or fold back

$75 $225
Behringer EUROLIVE VS1520 250w 1x15" driver, Passive. Connections are TRS(6mm jack)

Large speaker goes very loud and has decent bass so for smaller gigs when subs are not required.

$40 $120
Small compact amplifier speaker package for small area. 100w output $40 $120


Turbosound TCS 2X15" Subwoofer 800w Passive, Connections are bare wire or Speak-on.

Can handle being pushed around due to the solid construction. Sound great and goes loud.

$80 $240
Large Horn Sub woofer single 18" sub woofer 600w passive, connection type is Speak-on, Long throw for events over large areas, easily stack together to make wall. $60 $180